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Do you have a dream, a drive an idea that you know will be a vibrant business?  We did.  I’ve started three successful businesses.  However, no one ever told us about all of the time and money that I would waste by searching everywhere to try and get all of the little things accomplished to even start my business, to start working and making money at my dream.  Go find one person or one company to do my website design.  Or I could try it myself, then I went to Go Daddy and realized what the heck was Word Press.  I spent countless hours trying to teach myself Word Press, slipped a teenage family member a few bucks to see if they could help me out. 


In the end, I wound up spending more time and money then I had originally planned in searching out a company to do my website design and maintenance.  Then I had to wonder, would they design the website the way that I wanted it?  Then there were social media.  Facebook. Instagram.  Twitter.  And I’ve been told that there are others.  How much of my day am I supposed to devote to social media?  What do I post?  I like what I just posted, why aren’t customers coming?  What is the secret to this social media marketing?  BizLutionz has your answer.  Then I needed a small business loan.  So now off to find a bank, or do I shop online.  Insurance.  Buy/Sell agreements.  Each of these are vital, but I just wanted to sell my product. 

The business was driving me I wasn’t driving it.  My time and money were going everywhere. 

We started this service to help you, the entrepreneur, the small business person, save time and money.  Save time from searching and searching and going from place to place to find these various services. 

BizLutionz is your one-stop-shop.  We are partnered with industry leaders and experts, here offering to our clients a place where we can get all of these services in one place, for an easy to understand the price. 

A partner that wants you to get to what you love doing the most and the reason you became a business owner in the first place.  Whether you are a start-up looking for help, or an existing business going to the next level, let BizLutionz be your partner.  Let us assist you in tackling these necessary and important distractions.  Contact us online for a free, online consultation.